Advantages of Buying a New Home

While home shopping, buyers often find themselves being dragged through dozens of potential new homes by their realtors. A home buyer usually knows which features are important to him or her, such as the location, whether it is a single story home or not, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and even smaller, yet no less significant details, like whether the home has gas or oil heating.

Unfortunately, it is rare for a house for sale to meet all of the home buyers’ criteria, which is how home buyers find themselves devoting months, if not years, to rooting out the home that meets most of their criteria, or whose flaws, such as an outdated kitchen or bathrooms, can be most easily fixed without sinking large amounts of money into the house and subjecting themselves to months of inconvenience during renovations.

New build homes are customized for the home buyer. Home buyers can be involved from picking their lot, to deciding on the house’s siding and roof colors, whether to have carpeting or hardwood flooring in the dining room or living room, and the configuration of the kitchen appliances and counters. While home buyers are often turned off from a potential new home because it has been carpeted in wall to wall lime green shag, or perhaps has outdated popcorn ceilings, new build home buyers have the opportunity to pick the carpeting, paint colors, and other details that suit their unique tastes, as well as their lifestyle. Often, home buyers with young children will pass on a home that has all white carpeting, knowing that it will not stay pristine, and fearing the cost of replacement. For those families, a durable, stain resistant, colored carpeting or tile, may be a preferable choice, and when they choose a new build home, they are able to make that choice.

Instead of being subjected to someone else’s poor decision to chop the counter space into two small spaces, buyers of new build homes can tell their builder that they prefer one long sweeping counter, perhaps ending in a breakfast bar, or even to enlarge the kitchen to accommodate an island to hold the stovetop. Making these decisions will add nominally to the cost of a new build home, but making these types of alterations to an existing home will be outrageously expensive – if it is even possible to do at all.

New build homes also have the advantage of incorporating brand new appliances, such as dishwashers, spa hot tubs, energy efficient overs, stoves, and refrigerators. These new appliances are not only less costly to operate, but because home buyers are the first to own and operate them, they can be confident that they will not break soon after closing on the home. New home appliances often come with manufacturers’ warranties, which will give the new build home owner peace of mind for years to come. New build homes also have an advantage of having built in the outlets that these and other modern appliances and technology require, instead of straining the electrical capabilities of an older home.