About the Community

Affordable Real Estate Possibilities Ample in Oceanside Community

The largest city in Northern San Diego County, the Oceanside community is eternally expanding. Known for its beautiful coastal land and affordable housing possibilities, Oceanside, California real estate is becoming one of the most popular housing options in all of Southern California.

Reasonable Housing Options

Real estate here offers a variety of both older and modern housing possibilities. Older, smaller houses are lined along the historic waterfront area, while newer, larger homes can be located closer to the shore. To keep up with the growing population, additional real estate units have been added to the city. An extra 3,500 housing units have been built, in addition to the 55,000 of properties already in existence.

This region is known for having some of the most affordable real estate in California. According to a June 2007 study, an average piece of Oceanside, California real estate sells for approximately $460,000. This price includes both single-family homes and condominiums. In the land of multimillion dollar housing, this price is outstanding. Coastal living in California does not come cheap, and finding oceanfront homes less than one million dollars is a rarity. That is one reason this area is so popular. You receive all of the beauty and benefits of Southern California, but without the outrageous price tag.

Military Community

Oceanside is home to Camp Pendleton, the largest United State Marine Corp. Amphibious Training Base. With its own military population of 36,000 residents, Camp Pendleton is spread over 125,000 acres. The housing possibilities on the base are designed primarily for military couples and families. Single-family homes and apartments are the two most common pieces of real estate found on Camp Pendleton.

Historic Locations and Activities

Various historic locations surround the Oceanside area. Oceanside Harbor is a location that can provide fun for all ages. The Harbor offers sailing lessons, deep sea fishing expeditions, dinner cruises and boat rentals. Oceanside Harbor also has a variety of dining, perfect for a relaxing meal after a long day in the sun. The Oceanside Pier is another prized spot in the area. One of the top oceanfront recreational facilities, the Oceanside Pier is one of the longest wooden construction piers on the West Coast.

This area is popular for its famed yearly activities. One such event is Oceanside Harbor Days held each September. Residents and tourists alike gather for boating competitions such as the Nail n’ Sail and the Mayor’s Cup Regatta. There is never a lack of entertainment, with live bands, magicians, and performers always on stage. And with numerous food vendors and various shopping opportunities scattered throughout the area, there is always something to do during this annual event.